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October 23 2017

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Going to Prague for a Weekend? Here's our Prague To Do Guide!

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October 23 2017


Caitlin, of Country Jumper blog, lived in Prague, the City of 100 Spires, for a year teaching English as a second language, so she kind of knows her stuff when it comes to what to see, do, eat, where to stay and everything else that comes along with exploring this beautiful city!

As with all of our mini city travel guides, our Prague Guide is designed to help you see as much as possible with limited time, because not all of us can spend 10 or more days exploring all of the cities around the world! Some of us like to get a taste of the city we're traveling to, some of us only have a few days because we're hopping on a plane to somewhere else. There are so many reasons why we'd take a quick trip anywhere. Regardless if you have more or less time to spend in Prague, this guide will help you get a really incredible jump start, if you plan to stay longer you can take your time doing the suggestions in this guide. If you're staying for less time, you can decide on what sounds most interesting to you and get adventuring! All of out guides are free downloads, we do not post the entire guide on the blog! 

Prague in 3 Days


What to see

The Astronomical clock in Old Town Square, Old Town Square itself, Charles Bridge and the castle are all givens. If you didn’t know about them yet, you do now.

But go beyond that, there’s a whole more to see in Prague and a whole lot of it’s a whole lot more interesting.

One of my favorite places in the whole city is atop Letna Park at the metronome that doesn’t work, in the spot where a 51-foot-tall statue of Stalin once stood. Today the spot is often buzzing with skateboarders bouncing off the walls and down the railings but what you’re here for is the view. By far the best one in the whole city. You can see up and down the river, bridges as far as the eye can see. You can see the old town hall spires sticking up into the sky, you can see the TV tower over in Zizkov, you can see just about everything in the city. If you’re looking at the river turn to your left, follow the path a little way and you’ll stumble upon a big, open beer garden, also with a view. You’re welcome.


What to eat and drink

Before talking about where to eat it’s important to know what to eat. Czech food is delicious but heavy. If you’re only in town for three days then it’s a great amount of time to indulge, any longer than that and you’ll be walking away with one heck of a tummy!

In general, Czech food is very meat heavy, vegetarians will struggle with the menus at traditional Czech restaurants and will most likely end up ordering fried cheese. If meat is in your diet than you’re in for some delicious treats.

Goulash is typically Czech and can be found on many daily lunch menus. For something a bit more filling try a roasted duck, it will usually be on the menu as a ½ though sometimes you may be lucky and able to order a 1/4 . A ½ duck is definitely enough for two and is oh so delicious.

Where to Eat and Drink

When it comes to eating in Prague I can’t stress enough how important it is to get out of Old Town Square. Even if you only take a handful of steps in most directions you’ll find quality that is infinitely better and prices that are so much lower. Old Town Square is beautiful for what it is but, please, don’t stick around to eat there.

Stuparska: For traditional Czech food in a pub like atmosphere Stuparska is an excellent choice and its less than five minutes from Old Town Square. Only months ago downstairs was the non-smoking section but, since June 2017 the laws have changed and you can now enjoy an entirely smoke free atmosphere. A meat heavy menu everything comes out with fall off the bone ease.


Where to Stay

If you’re super keen to stay where all the tourists are Hotel Agnes is a wonderful choice where the staff will treat you like family you’ll have access to a great buffet breakfast each morning and all the wine you could want throughout your entire stay.

However, if you’re ready to switch it up and stay outside of Old Town consider these neighborhoods.

Zizkov, recognized for the TV tower sticking out of it, is a bit edgy, trendy and different. It has lots of little hills so you’ll want to be fairly physically capable to get around. Zizkov is a favorite amongst the younger crowd for its small bars and plentiful graffiti opportunities. Don’t let the rough and ready vibe turn you off it’s simply the character of the area, as with all of Prague it’s a very safe district.

This is just a small taste of what Prague has to offer in 3 days! If you'd like to keep reading and get a pdf download to take with you, click below and we'll send you the goodies :)

Download - Prague in 3 days Travel Guide!


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