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May 16 2017

Written by

Tiffany Burnette



Los Angeles Travel Must See: Charles and Ray Eames House

Written by Tiffany Burnette
May 16 2017

Eames House_cover4.jpg

I’ve been wanting to go to California my entire life, especially now that I’ve been in New York for so many years. I wanted answers to the idea that New York is cool and amazing but it’s just way different than the vibe out on the West Coast. My options for vacation this year were Paris or California, I almost can’t believe I chose the latter. Nonetheless I found myself on a Friday night flight to LA on June 28th.

Travel Tip: I planned it so that I’d only miss one week + one day of work  while getting in 10 days of travel by getting two weekends in there. I’ll definitely do this again when planning my next vacation. This wasn’t pure vacation, being an entrepreneur I always try to book a few work-related meetings or events into my plans and this time I was visiting sales reps to get feedback on my Los Angeles City map bracelet designs. Luckily I work with a few companies in LA and was able to meet them during the trip! I don’t want to babble on too much but this is the first post of a few about going from LA to SF in 10 days along the Pacific Coast Highway! It was an amazing journey and I want to share some of the highlights, especially the incredible places I stayed, food I ate and things I did! These are not in order as I did them but I will keep it in order of going from LA to SF.

Los Angeles Travel Must-See: The Eames House in Pacific Palisades

Last year I stumbled on an video in the New York Times about Ice Cube celebrating the Eames House, so when I was planning this trip and thinking about what I would do in LA, the Charles and Ray Eames House was one of the first things that came to mind. I am a designer and lover of all things Mid-Century modern so this stop was definitely my number one landmark visit.

Eames House.jpg

After making a wrong turn a few times I finally parked along a back road off the Pacific Coast Highway. The house was a bit difficult to find at first, luckily I bumped into a home-owner down the street who gave me directions to the house…it went something like this “take a right down that street, then go up the tiny alley until you reach the house”. It felt strange walking through this lush street which belonged to multiple home-owners. I couldn’t help but think of what it must be like to live near this famous dwelling. As I arrived I got super excited, the EAMES HOUSE!!!

Eames House_4.jpg

What struck me was how the inside and outside of the house felt like one space. You get a good sense of how much nature played a role in the Eames lives when you begin walking the grounds. 

Eames House_7.jpg

There are rules while taking the house tour, one is that you are not allowed to take photographs of the interior of the house unless you are on the interior tour. I was unaware that an interior tour was an option. If you are planning to go to the house I suggest visiting the Eames Foundation website and making the reservation you desire before visiting so that you can do the tour of your choosing! I did not do this and was unable to access the inside of the house. 

What I love most about this house, besides the architecture of course, is how beautiful the surroundings are. With an ocean view on one side of the lawn, dense forest and brush on the other and scattered flowers, fruit trees and plants everywhere in between this place is paradise. 

Eames House_2.jpg

This sweet swing hangs alone amongst the trees. 

Eames House_swing-1.jpg

The view of the ocean.

Eames House_view.jpg

I love how bits of the house are hidden among the trees. 

Eames House_9.jpg

Windows, windows everywhere.  I was able to peek inside them while on the tour, this is allowed. There are collections of objects on almost every surface I could see. Lots of beautiful textiles around the house which make me happy since I’m obsessed with textiles. 

Eames House_3.jpg

There were lots of plants, terra cotta pots can be found everywhere.

The Charles and Ray Eames House was an amazing stop on my Los Angeles trip! I highly recommend. More to come, stay posted.