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May 17 2017

Written by

Tiffany Burnette



The Chateau Marmont Hotel: A Tropical Oasis in West Hollywood

Written by Tiffany Burnette
May 17 2017

 Chateau Marmont lounge

Room 16 was the space I occupied for those three amazing days in LA, it is gorgeous. It's large, music is playing and a candle is lit when I enter. What's most interesting is that when I open my windows I can see into the pool and bungalow area. By area I mean the luscious tropical paradise outside my incredibly large window...that actually opens.  This room is so comfy I decide that maybe I should stay in LA for the entire 10 days...or forever. But it's not just comfy, it's casually glam in a way that is nearly impossible to describe.

Dark wood grows up from the floors and devours all the furniture in my room. There is an eclectic mix of texture in the periphery; the worn vintage-style Turkish rug that hugs the end of the bed, the cloudy brownish-orange walls with ornate paintings along the top, the tiled bathroom floor, Orchid lingering on the windowsill. Being so close to the lounge and garden I started to feel like I always knew when something interesting was happening. I found out about all of the room parties, garden parties and pool parties; all of which were being held by hotel guests. You feel like you can do whatever your heart desires, within reason, so I kept thinking to myself "what has this room seen" and "by whom"?


Chateatu Marmont walls
Walls inside my room 
Chateatu Marmont window details
Details, details 
Chateatu Marmont windows
This is paradise

Modeled after the French Chateau d'Amboise in Loire Valley this hotel does not skimp on the details. Every piece that makes up this place is taken into account. From the elegantly branded slippers, robes, cocktail stirrers, shampoo and stationary to the Marvis toothpaste to the hospitable staff, you're not left wanting...unless it's to stay longer.

Chateau Marmont slippers 
Chateau Marmont Shampoo and Conditioner
I love the way they branded these toiletries 
Chateau Marmont cocktail stirrer
cocktail stirrer

The hotel, as famous as it is, is very secluded and fascinatingly mysterious. Paparazzi linger out front but are never allowed to step foot inside, no one is allowed to take photographs of others and tweet about and/or blog about them, etc. So in this way I always felt like everyone respected each others privacy. I felt it even more so when at the Chateau Marmont pool. This is a totally low key place, in the middle of West Hollywood. You feel like you are in a tropical paradise, away from the hustle and bustle of Sunset Boulevard, even though you are on it. With gigantic lemons dangling above my head the pool was a divine getaway inside of my getaway. It was where I went everyday to relax from my vacation. I'm not even joking.


Chateau Marmont pool area
View from the pool
Chateau Marmont_me
Lounging at the pool 
Chateau Marmont pool at night
Hanging poolside at night was by far my favorite thing to do here. 
Chateau Marmont pool area_2
Tropical oasis at the pool

Of course while the hotel felt super casual there were plenty of people showing up in insanely expensive cars, wearing haute couture labels and spending large sums of money at this hotel. Every night when I came back to the hotel from exploring LA I would have my picture taken by paparazzi. They take everyone's photographs, you know, just in case you're famous...or soon to be.


Chateau Marmont lounge
Chateau Marmont lounge 
Chateau Marmont Lounge_3
Chateau Marmont Lounge_2

A few days before I had arrived a writer from Defamer showed up and decided that he was going to live blog from the garden. He received an incredible letter from the concierge telling him that he'd be asked to leave if he went through with his plans. I found this out one morning while drinking a coffee outside near the valet. Twitter searching the hotel gave me lots of fun things to read that morning.

Coffee at Chateau Marmont
My morning coffee :) 

I'll definitely stay there again! I'm only just beginning my posts about this trip so please keep on the lookout!

PS I did get to Ago, if interested keep reading! 

Tiffany at Ago in LA
Me at Ago in LA

Ago is a super lovely Italian restaurant co-owned by Robert De Niro. Maybe I'm just not used to sitting outside on a tile patio surrounded by tropical plants and palm trees but the place was close to what I imagine an oasis to be. Being that it was a Saturday night, everyone was showing up in their most fancy car and carrying their most coveted clutch (the people watching was like icing on the most incredibly decadent chocolate cake). Literally, the valet was moving BMW's from the lot to accommodate the Bentley's and Aston Martin's. It's that kind of place. But it doesn't feel like it. The waiter was a delight, he treated me like his most honored guest (and I let him). Dinner was insanely good. I ordered the Risotto Ai Funghi  for my main (so yummy) and Chocolate Souffle for dessert. It's vacation (sort of) so I kind of went all out and loved every minute of it. Especially because I felt the need to get in shape before this trip, for Venice Beach of course, which is a whole other discussion, but needless to say I wasn't eating chocolate cake and pasta for at least a month prior.

Ago in LA
Ago has some super yummy Olive Oil
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