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July 19 2017

Written by

Tiffany Burnette



Walk Your Way Through Red Hook, Brooklyn - A One Day DIY Travel Guide

Written by Tiffany Burnette
July 19 2017


When I first moved to Brooklyn in 2006 I would drive to Red Hook from Clinton Hill. The walk would’ve taken me forever, or like an hour and a half. That sounded insane to me at the time but now not at all. One of my favorite things to do in NYC is just walk and explore and I’ve walked to Red Hook from so many neighborhoods in Brooklyn, so many many times, that I can’t even count.

With the opening of the South Brooklyn Ferry on June 1st, 2017 and having access to the Ikea Water Taxi, Red Hook is much more easily accessible to all. I went back to Brooklyn for a quick visit this past May and decided that I wanted to spend the day walking to Red Hook, like I used to do before I moved to the West Coast. My friend Kristina joined me, as usual. It’s our walk, always the same route and because of this we know all of the landmarks, parks, distilleries (yes there are multiple), bars, restaurants and more.

Why should you visit Red Hook if you’re traveling to Brooklyn? Well, I find that Red Hook just feels different than many other areas of all of NYC. It’s cut off by the Gowanus Canal and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, feeling like the boundaries that they are. There is no subway service there. So to get there walking is to see the transition into this quickly gentrifying neighborhood. This has always been a tough town with high poverty rates and crime and you can still feel the grittiness of it even with the hip shops popping up everywhere. The history of this place is still felt and Hurricane Sandy’s battering is still taking structural prisoners. Old dusty factories, revived warehouses, dirt, litter, unexpected pleasantness all define Red Hook to me. Oh and of course a damn fine view of the Statue of Liberty!

Brooklyn Herborium New York City

So let’s talk about what to do now that I’ve got you questioning why you’d want to spend a day in this gritty little town. As I said, I typically walk to Red Hook. My first stop is always to Brooklyn Herborium on the border of Red Hook/Carroll Gardens. They have a beautiful array of made-from-scratch, organic and sustainable apothecary and skincare items. All made in their studio next door to the shop. I just love coming in here and testing out the variety of products. You’ll find everything from tinted lip balms, bath soaks, mineral mists, and cow fart juice (named because “it ain’t bullsh*t” according to their website, brilliant!).

Outside of Raaka Chocolate in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Next stop is Raaka Chocolate, the first delicious stop in Red Hook. Chocolate meet mouth! Their thing? They make all of their chocolate with unroasted cacao beans. Apparently this process maintains the complex flavors not found in roasted chocolate. They have a tasting table when you walk into the large warehouse space. All of their products are made in this facility. You can take tours as well. I just really like to sample all of the flavors and typically purchase a bar for my walk home!

Red Hook Brooklyn walking tour Raaka Chocolate factory

Next, we’ll begin to meander down Van Brunt Street, which is the sort of main street in Red Hook. You’ll want to stop in Red Hook Lobster Pound for a Lobster Roll and if you’re really hungry order some chowder as well!

Continue down Van Brunt Street and begin popping in and out of the boutiques along the way. Foxy and Winston is by far my favorite shop in Red Hook. It’s so well curated that I kind of want to live in the space. Much of their offerings are local makers and crafters from the region so it gives you a great taste of what’s happening in the maker scene. I’ve purchased cards and unique toys in there for many holidays! Definitely stop in Kempton and Co for locally made bags of all sorts - clutches, beach totes, crossbody, makeup, gym, diaper and on. Designer and owner, Fiona Kempton, started the company back in 2010 after her “tech-friendly bag with a built-in protective sleeve for a laptop” was well received.

Time for some wine! Dry Dock Wine + Spirits hosts *free* tastings every Friday, Saturday and Sunday - mainly in the evening so perhaps keep walking and come back later if you’ve headed out earlier in the day!

Next you’ll pass by Chelsea Garden Center, my favorite place to buy plants and flowers, I think because it’s feels very intimate, like a fauna oasis among the brick, grit and asphalt.

Here’s when things get a bit tough. You have a few food options, Hometown Bar B Que (pit-smoked bbq yum!), Brooklyn Crab or Fairway Market Cafe. My suggestion, if you’re hungry get the BBQ! Brooklyn Crab is most fun for drinks, in my opinion, because they have awesome views of Upper New York Harbor. Don’t drink too much just yet, there are still other opportunities for that! Go to Fairway Market, around the back, to checkout the vintage subway car and meander around the waterfront. Before you do though, and on your way there, pop into Hot Wood Arts, it’s free but they do take donations. It's open on the weekends between 1-6pm or by appointment. It’s a fun spot, one because it’s an “Civil-War-era Beard Street Warehouse building” and, two because the range of work is pretty incredible. The warehouse is huge so tons of space to show a lot of work.

Hot Woods Arts in Red Hook Brooklyn

Waterfront Museum in Red Hook Brooklyn

Okay, now continue down to the waterfront, make a right to navigate behind Fairway Market, continue on and the park sort of ends, you’ll see a container-style boat that says “Lehigh Valley”, hang a right, walk into the sketchy looking parking lot, and you’ll hit the Waterfront Museum and Pier 44 Waterfront Garden! Pier 44 has awesome views of the Statue of Liberty, a great place to sit and watch the sunset over New York City! Also, the Waterfront Museum is a really fun spot to peek into for a few minutes, “The Museum's permanent collection includes a nearly one-century old wooden barge, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.”

Behind Fairway Market in Red Hook Brooklyn along the waterfront

Vintage Boston Train Car in Red Hook Brooklyn

Don’t stop there, keep walking through the Waterfront Garden and to Pier 41 and Liberty Warehouse. Actually you’ll be tasting more wine, yum! On the south side of Liberty Warehouse you’ll head into Red Hook Winery for the tasting. This isn’t free but it is fun, especially inside this old warehouse setting. Don’t drink too much, we haven’t gotten all of the other options yet!

Statue of Liberty in Red Hook Brooklyn

Anyone interested in pie? Perfect because Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie is our next stop! Yep, this is a thing. They make all of their pies in-house, from scratch and use fresh squeezed key limes, which is why these pies are so tasty. Yes, you are experiencing Red Hook, randomly placed shops and stops in dusty parking lots and unpaved roads. It’s quite the experience.

Cacao Prieto in Red Hook Brooklyn

I like to walk on to Ferris Street for a block and look at the old warehouses. Then take a right on Coffey Street and then a left onto Conover Street and head into Widow Jane whiskey distillery and Cacao Prieto - Dominican and organic - chocolate tastings and tours. From the website “Cacao Prieto tours are an hour and include an in-depth look at the history of cacao in the Dominican Republic, the beans to bar process, the machinery used for processing and science that makes chocolate the unique product it is.” These are great spots to pick up some tasty souvenirs to bring back home.

Red Hook Brooklyn Street Art

There's lot more to do, see, eat and experience! Want the full guide? Click below and I'll send you a free download right away! 

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